Weight Loss Confessions of a Circus Fat Man

Weight Loss Confessions of a Circus Fat Man

If you have ever tried to loose that last few pounds of fat from your body, you already know how hard it can be to lose that weight. Weight is not only hard on your body but it puts stress on your arms, legs, heart and lungs.

I was over weight. I was qualified to be a Circus Fat Man. That is true, I was once approached by a circus and asked if I, Lazy Larry would like to work as the ‘Circus Fat Man.” I might have taken that offer if it was not for my mother.

Now before you think I am trying to blame her, let me take a few seconds and tell you the real reason I brought her up and laid the blame on my dear ole’ Mom. See, I was so heavy that I could not get off the couch in my apartment. My mother was already going through a ton of health issues and doctors had told her that she was going to die. In fact, the doctor told her to “go home and prepare to die.”

My mother told the doctor that she did not like his point of view and that she was going to opt out of the surgery he had offered and see a specialist. My ‘dying’ mother spent the next two years of her life going to doctors and taking notes and in the process she learned the keys to weight loss. Without surgery she lived for two more years. The things she taught me about weight loss have taken me from ‘You are the fatman’ to “Oh, wow, you were that man?” which is always followed by How Much Did You Weight?

Okay, let me get back to my short story, The Circus asked me to be their Fat Man and I needed an income, the money my father had left me was almost gone. I thought about taking this job and touring with the Circus and I told my mother about my plans. Her reply was not one that I had seen coming. She said, “Larry, you can’t even get off the couch to go to the bathroom with easy, how do you plan of touring with the Circus?”

I had not given that any thought. It was clearly one of those cases when Mamma knows best. My mother was concerned, she was not upset about me going and trying to work. It was just clear to her I needed to lose weight.

Mother came over the next day and said,: “Larry, do you want to lose weight?” I answered: “Yes, but Mom, diets don’t work for me. I have failed every diet I have ever been on.” My mother said, “Larry, I know and it’s not your fault. No one has taught you how to lose weight. Let’s start over.”

Mom read me some notes from her numerous notebooks and I agreed to try to put a few things into action. I have to tell you, I lost weight almost right away. How? Because my mother had taken accurate notes on weight loss and taught me how to apply these ideas. These ideas are simple and easy – anyone can do them. I lost my weight and I encourage you to lose yours too.