Various Aspects About Some Of The Las Vegas Strip Hotels

Various Aspects About Some Of The Las Vegas Strip Hotels

If you are to choose to stay at one of the many Las Vegas Strip hotels, you will have the chance of being one of those lucky tourists that is in the center of the action.

If you will want to spend a vacation with your family in Vegas, you should know that these days there are many Las Vegas hotels which are marketing themselves as “family-friendly”. On the Las Vegas Strip, a reputable hotel which is considered to be fun for families is Circus Circus. It has almost 3,800 rooms with very modern conveniences. Besides the 3 casinos, Circus Circus also provides fun for all families with Carnival Midway or the RollerCoaster which is located inside Adventuredome.

The city of Las Vegas is rapidly becoming a “hot” spa destination for tourists from all over the world, even if we are to take into consideration that many of the spa hotels are being located far away from the Vegas Strip.

The Excalibur hotel offers spa luxury which includes fun entertainment exactly on the Las Vegas Strip. The hotel has over 2,000 rooms that also include now 42 inch plasma televisions. This awesome hotel also offers quality restaurants, free entertainment with great shows in their casino and also cheap vacation packages.

Bellagio is also a Las Vegas hotel which is located on the Strip. It combines Italian elegance and comfort, but this will not be one of those cheap hotels that you can find in this city. The Bellagio has in its front a spectacular fountain and it also includes almost 4,000 rooms and suits ready to be used by tourists with big pockets. Among its attractions, the hotel also has to offer quality restaurants and casinos, and also something rather different, O Cirque du Soliel which is an entertainment show that performs twice every night. The Bellagio hotel is probably not for any tourist, as one solitary drink here might cost more than a family meal on some other hotel, but their motto is that if you want quality, you have to pay for it.