Trekking in Mauritius

Trekking in Mauritius

Mauritius is situated far enough off the eastern coast of Madagascar to be a truly isolated island paradise. As such it offers the obligatory stunning beaches, which you will most often see in holiday brochures or on television.

There is another side to Mauritius that some beach lovers don’t see. It is not a side for those who want to soak up the sun and do little else except enjoy the occasional swim, but it is a side of the island that has many more delights to offer.

Mauritius is just as perfect a destination for trekkers as it is for sun seekers. Its unique properties make it a popular haunt for those who love to walk, as it is a volcanic island. That in turn means that it has plenty in the way of hills, valleys and peaks to explore.

Don’t let the mention of a volcano put you off either; it is long since extinct, but it has left the soil rich enough to sustain plenty of greenery. You will notice while you are out trekking that the surroundings of Mauritius are truly alive with colour and richness. This is quite often the case in areas that have volcanic soil to feed them.

So where should you head to first once you arrive on the island?

If you are new to the island and to trekking, a guided trek is often the best bet. Not only will you be safe and not be in any danger of getting lost, you can also benefit from their extensive knowledge of the area. L’Etoile on the eastern side of the island is a nature reserve, and you can take advantage of a guided trek here.

The best location for beginners is the Black River Gorges National Park. There are specific trails which have been laid out for visitors to enjoy, so you could easily spend a whole day there with a picnic. The park is full of delights too, with wild monkeys and many other sights and sounds to be alert for. Needless to say you should keep your camera out and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

The main thing to remember is to go prepared when you set out on a trek. Don’t go further than you think you can manage; you have to make your way back as well! A circular route can often be easier as you can just keep walking along the route you have planned for yourself.

Always make sure you have a map, plenty of water and some nourishing food as well. And don’t stray off the beaten path if you are in an area you are not completely familiar with.

So once you have booked your Mauritius flights you can start planning for the trek of a lifetime.