Through Him All Things Were Made – John 1.3 and the Importance of Including God

Through Him All Things Were Made – John 1.3 and the Importance of Including God

The beauty of the first chapter of the Gospel of John is that it reminds us that all that we are comes from and through God. This means that just by existing, we are already glorifying the name of our maker. It also means that it is impossible to undo God, to remove Him from our lives. We can try and somehow rationalise Him out, as some people do, but this is only a mental trick and not real. If we are all just pieces of God’s creation, it is impossible for us even to utter a thought that has not come from Him.

Does this mean that even heresy comes from God? In a way, yes. God gave us the ability to rationalise incorrectly as well as to accept sound wisdom. Both traits are inherent in us so that we can come to God not through some well worked out rationale, but through our love for Him, for each other, and for the wonder of creation around us. Poor logic leads to poor decision making, and poor decision making leads to flawed society. The harder we try to exclude God from our affairs, the harder it becomes for us to harmonise our affairs. Only wisdom from God leads to harmony, and this can only be had through faith and prayer.

The recent papal visit to the UK showed huge support for the Holy Father, not just from Catholics, but from all pious people who recognise in the figure of this man the tradition of faith which marks us all out as special. The hunger for righteousness, for justice and high moral standards, is such that any overt show of loyalty to God brings with it copious tears of repentance.

“Through him all things were made: without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men.” (John 1.3)

Social cohesion can only come from the understanding that God is in all things, the weakest man, the basest creature, the ugliest vermin, rich and poor alike. He owns our economy, as much as he owns our lives. The light of men shines through their deeds and testifies to a finer existence than the one we know. But through working together, through church, through faith, we can build a society that reflects the true light of God, that brings paradise closer, and makes all men and women part of that greater glory, as it was always meant to be.