Spotlight On: Kids’ Room Decor

Spotlight On: Kids’ Room Decor

Excited about decorating your new baby’s nursery, but not sure which theme to use? Let illuminated carnival letters inspire you to bigger, better, and brighter!

The Greatest Show on Earth

Family life is a circus! Celebrate the laughter and thrills with a circus theme. Divide the room into three separate “ring”: bed, changing/dressing area, and playroom (add a rocking chair for an infant). Unify the room with a circus themed mural. Add brightly colored animal-motif bedding, pennant-shaped curtains, valances, or lampshades. Finally, make your child the main attraction by spelling her name or initials in red reproduction circus lettering. These red metal reproduction lights make perfect decorative accents and night lights.

Step Right Up

Kids love going to the fair. Now bring summertime fun into your home all year-round with a playroom carnival. Set up a game area, complete with bean-bag toss and foam dart board. Serve popcorn (cotton candy if you’re really brave) at the snack table, and set up a tent for imaginative play. Paint the room in sunny summer yellows, and add some impact lighting. Carnival lights are the perfect choice: mounted on the wall, they leave floor and table space clear for active playtime, while their bright colors make even rainy days seem special.

On the Red Carpet

Got a little performer or a movie buff? Share some quality time with a redecorating day! Help your child celebrate his or her interest in dance, cinema, or theatre with framed posters and an “awards” shelf. Hang various sized film reels, playbills, masks, or costumes as accents. Finally, inspire them by putting their name in lights for the first time with 24″ x 24″ reproduction marquee letters. Tonight: bedtime. Tomorrow night: Carnegie Hall! Your little star can dream big, and you can help them dream bigger!

Batter Up!

Does your child go to bed every night dreaming of sports stardom? Help him or her create a room that reflects that passion! Every sport has its devoted fans; paint a background mural of stadium bleachers, filled with onlookers waiting for the next home run or triple axle. Hang those medals, trophies, heroes’ autographed and team photos on a “wall of fame,” and add sports-themed bedding, rugs, and curtain accents. For maximum impact, use marquee lights to spell out the name of a favorite sports venue or event. What kid wouldn’t want to show their friends and teammates their name spelled out in glittering lights?

Whether you’re decorating a nursery for your first baby or a playroom for a whole troop of toddlers, bring it all together with unique lighting solutions.