Provide the Fun of a Circus Every Day With Circus Sticks

Provide the Fun of a Circus Every Day With Circus Sticks

When people wander into a candy store, they are often looking for something that will spark their imagination and sense of fun. There is no candy out there that accomplishes this goal quite like circus sticks. These delicious treats look great in any shop and will remind customers young and old of the great times they have spent under the big top.

One of the best things about this particular candy is that it comes in such a wide array of flavors. Adults may opt for the most classic options, such as cinnamon and peppermint, to remind them of their childhood days. Kids, however, will go for the updated, exciting flavors such as bubblegum, kiwi and a variety of sour options.

Circus candy may not cost a lot individually, but customers cannot resist it and the result is often a significant increase in sales. The display rack for this type of treat fits nicely on the counter, making it perfect for impulse purchases. It will catch the eye of any customer while they are waiting to check out and add a dollar or two to the total of each purchase.

To make the process of selling these treats even easier, consider selling them in a pre-filled candy rack. These racks come with the candy already in them and ready to go, requiring no work at all from anyone in the shop. Merchandisers also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they have put the proper candy in the perfect rack.

Perhaps the best thing about circus candy is that it is so nostalgic, which is one of the keys to selling candy to adults. The sticks have been enjoyed by children for years and are sure to be a favorite for many years to come. Kids will beg their parents for them and most adults will not be able to resist picking up one for themselves. It gives mom and dad the perfect justification to make a trip to the local candy store to “reward” their child for behavior or great grades at school.

Circus sticks are a fun and delicious candy that should be part of the inventory at any candy store. They come in display racks that fit nicely next to any cash register, making them the perfect opportunity for a last minute, impulse purchase. They have been a favorite for generations, so customers of all ages are sure to get excited when they see them sitting on the counter.