Prague Weekend: Paradise Calling

Prague Weekend: Paradise Calling

For many in Europe and all over the world, Prague had been that inaccessible beauty they could only dream of. However, after Eastern Europe became more approachable to the entire world, it has truly gotten its due as a tourist destination. It is unarguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world, culturally proud, a home to artistes and young students, which has only enriched the place. The city is a perfect romantic getaway, a trip down the by lanes of history, a good soaking in art and heritage and a walk around stunning architecture.

At the same time Prague is on the cusp of something special where the East has truly met the West and the influences have had a lasting impact. The city today is trendy and cosmopolitan while it preserves its past in its bosom, making weekends here a mouthwatering proposition.

Modern influences have brought in renewed enthusiasm amongst locals, who have a spring in their step. The city has cleaned up; is one of the safest for tourists and new, efficient infrastructure makes your Prague Weekend hugely convenient.

What can you look forward to – The Prague castle is the biggest ancient castle in the world and is breathtakingly beautiful.

No matter what your calling is, a trip to the old town is must on your trip here.

History lovers can visit Josefov, the Jewish district known for its well kept synagogues.

The New Town is buzzing with tourists and locals who easily mingle with each other at the famous Wenceslas square. This part of the town is popular for its cinema halls, shopping centers, art stalls, which help make your weekend a well-rounded trip.

There are many museums, host to some of the most well known art in the world and galleries that exhibit works of modern maestros.

As steeped in tradition Prague is, the night scene here is thriving. Many music festivals are held here around the year and bring young tourists from all over the world to Prague. Can fun loving stags be left far behind?

Why are they ideal?

The city is right in the heart of Europe and you can reach it easily through air or rail networks. If booked in advance you will find cheap fares.

The city is tourist friendly, from five stars to cheap hostels and guesthouses; you will find them all here. Even the low range accommodations are clean and safe.

You can easily find cheap restaurants and bars on your stag weekends. You don’t have to be extravagant to have fun here.

Nightclubs are open till wee hours of the morning on weekends and often have a mixed crowd of business executives and students, artistes and celebrities giving it a friendly vibe. What’s more many of them don’t even charge entry fees.

Some boys will be boys and for them there’s go karting, paintballing and many such adventure sports facilities available.