Perfect Queensland Holidays

Perfect Queensland Holidays

Queensland is a great place to holiday, and it’s tourist spots are right back on track — or were untouched — during recent natural disasters. The beauty of the state is not only its amazing weather all year round, but the simplicity of getting there, the range of accommodation and the ability to cater for any budget. Anyone can take a break in Queensland and have a great time!

So if you’re heading to Queensland, what are some of the best spots?

1. Surfers Paradise

An obvious one, Surfers Paradise is a great holiday spot for couples, or for families. It can cater to any budget and offers a wide range of entertaining activities and sites. With a range of Surfers Paradise apartments on offer, a number of airlines travelling to and from the area and a variety of dining, your holiday can be as costly or inexpensive as you want it.

Featuring theme parks, beautiful beaches, surfing and great shopping, you are sure to easily fill your days. If you’re after something less structured, the area offers a lot of watersports, surrounding rainforests, and miles of spectacular beaches to walk.

2. The Whitsundays

One of the most popular spots for Australian honeymooners, and visitors from around the world, the collection of islands known as The Whitsundays is a perfect and relaxing holiday destination. With the white sandy beaches and turquoise water to match, these islands bring to reality all of the holiday brochures you’ve seen for luxury, paradise island stays. With a range of accommodation, and some great waterspouts, diving, fishing and snorkelling, prepare to relax, soak up the sun, and enjoy.

3. Cape York

The highest point on the Australian map, this is not only a place of beauty but a place of dreaming. With human history spanning tens of thousands of years, this cultural hub is an opportunity to be surrounded by the past — or peek over the water in attempt to see Asia!

4. Cairns

Renowned as a holiday spot with a great culture and buzzing night life, the town almost has the feel of Asia Pacific holiday islands such as Thailand. With a range of fantastic food to sink your teeth into, markets and intriguing surroundings, it is an area that will keep you entertained and in awe!

5. Bundaberg

The home of Bundaberg rum and famous around the world, Bundaberg is a town in a rural setting, that offers the perfect country escape. Along with the relaxation, you can take a tour of the Bundaberg distillery and learn the interesting history of the local area.

And if you decide to take it all in, hire a car and drive along the ocean with the top down, you’re sure to find dozens of other towns offering adventure. Of those mentioned above, all have a range of accommodation, with the tourist hubs offering the most variety, such as Surfers Paradise accommodation or Cairns. In each location you can also find meals to suit any budget and a range of activities from adventure to relaxation.