Perception Leads to Perfection

Perception Leads to Perfection

Your perception is the address of your success. Right perception leads to right action. Right action gives your right results. A jaundice patient sees the whole world as jaundice patients. Your eyes may have the same reflection, but your perception will decide the altitude of your success. Nobody wants to take a rough path. Everybody wants to think positively and grab success.

Every result will have its foundation in your actions. Nothing will happen without any reason. The situations which we faced previously, our past experiences will impact our present view point. This is what is called perception. Analyzing past experiences and looking at the present with the spectacles of past is ‘Perception’.

If this perception is not in the right direction, it will lead to destruction. ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’. This quote reflects the right definition of perception. Some like Barbie and some may not like it at all and some may like Tom and Jerry. It is really difficult to define how perceptions of individuals develop and help them to become successful.

Everybody will have their own perception towards things, persons and situations. Our opinion which was formed on one person will make us believe that he is very handsome. Though some other is really handsome, because of our bad opinion on him, we could not see his beautiful presence. If you compare your present to the past, it will drag you back, but will now allow you to move ahead.

Elephant is the right example for negative perception. Baby elephant was tied up with iron chains and it tries hard to escape in many ways. During the course of time, the elephant feels that it is impossible to escape from the bondage of iron chains. This feeling of helplessness will grow so stronger with the age. If you observe in the circus, the elephant is tied up to a small chain which it can break with minimum efforts. But it will never try to break the thin chain due to its perception. The elephant strongly feels that it cannot break the chain as it is very strong like in its childhood. The elephant lost its freedom forever due to its perception which has developed over a period of time.

Human beings also could not come out of their childhood perceptions and always hang on to the thoughts of failures and never count on their blessings and successes which they have achieved with right perception. Change your perception and invite success with positive perception.