Mykonos Paradise Beach, Greece

Mykonos Paradise Beach, Greece

When you are crazy about beaches and want to relax and see the beauty of beaches then the paradise beach is the best one for you. Today, the Paradise beach of Greece has become a hot destination as a party spot on the islands of Europe. Every year many different kinds of people come and visit but one thing which is common in them that they all want to have a good time here. Scenery is really beautiful.

People appreciate this beach not because of only the beauty but also the attractive look of this beach. If you feel comfort with the crowds then the Paradise beach can be suitable for you as here you can find the people from all over the world and enjoy a rip-roaring time. You can also enjoy and appreciate the selection of affordable accommodations.

You can either go for beach camping site that is very close to the water or for Paradise Beach resort apartments. If you want to reach here then you can go by bus from Mykonos town. This Mykonos town is just a couple of miles away from Platis Yialos and you can easily go by taxi, boats or the footpath. For reaching at Mykonos, there are many Greece ferries or direct flights from the islands of Greek like Athens, Thessaloniki, Santorini and Rhodes.

The Paradise beach is not for you, if you are looking for the quite beaches and tame night life scenes. It is the most noticeable spot as nude sun bath is allowed here. Among all the beeches in Greece, this beach is the hedonistic choice. Here at this beach, Paradise Resort plays a main role in food and accommodations. Here you can also find many eateries and shops.

Ar Paradise Beach Resort, there is a self-service restaurant where you can find many products from their gardens. The restaurant offers a variety of cuisines which include the classic Greek food, and lots of International & vegetarian dishes. There are some interesting choices at Paradise Resort like boutique and mini market from where you can get the necessary items when you stay here.