Maldives Adventure Paradise

Maldives Adventure Paradise

In the English dictionary, an ‘atoll’ is defined as a “ring-shaped coral reef and small island, enclosing a lagoon and surrounded by open sea.” There are many atolls in the Maldives, offering an extraordinary variety of reef breaks.

The Maldives is the ultimate destination for heavenly waves. Composed of 26 atolls and hundreds of paradise islands, it offers an unbelievable number of world class waves. Various remote atolls situated on the southeast side provide the perfect surf condition at each reef corner; hot water, flat reef and mostly uncrowded waves.

Maldives has hundreds of surf reef breaks with all sort of different waves, offering many world classic waves.

The water is hot and crystal clear, the reef is almost flat and full of marine animal such as dolphins, stingrays, fishes…

There are all sort of different waves, from fat, slow and easy to hollow, fast with barrel session.

The shape of the islands usually form a canal between reefs and on each corner you will find a reef break wave.

The waves size on high season are 5 foots average.

Maldives reef islands have some advantages like protected area inside of the atoll, which will guarantee you a good night sleeping.

Other great advantage is the distance between waves, which brings you many waves in a very short distance.

Maldives is the ultimate surf boat trip destination.

The North Male Atoll is the most famous atoll in Maldives and is becoming a common surf destination with boat charters working during the high season. There are lots of good waves and at least 4 world classic waves.