Life Is Mini Circus

Life Is Mini Circus

Life is circusOnly be in radiusThough very viciousBut still stable and continuous

However for moment to stayVery good and happy dayTo be born as child againLost moment regained once again

Crowd of small kids and parentsJoy and happiness is right inherentThis is right place to enjoyTigers, leopards are not simple toys

Still to live togetherAmidst fear but nothing to botherAll will be well as days passThe life can be made of super class

There is no danger but only thrillBody can be made like steel with drillNew lease of life supposed to fillAny wrong idea not to remain still

A long way to go but to stick togetherA fine show with sequences here and thereDogs, animals and joker with same actMake us to laugh with all known facts

Show is over but game not overLife may go on for finding a coverOne may get in and other may departInseparable and important part

We all love to live with complete changeChildren and young manage with the ageWe become sensible and others do not mindSome may succeed and others may fail to find

We are merely stage actorWe to play important roles in all sectorsYou may stand looser or emerge as victorIt shall remain to be seen as decisive factor

It is not the time to shed tears or laugh atLife is uncertain if it is not fully setSome more damage may be done by fateIf we fail to respond or are very late

No one may take not of tragic fallAs it is part of game not responded to timely call?Not all may be that much lucky to survive Still the show must go on to sustain and live

It will be regretted if some one is withdrawingSurrenders to circumstances and indifferently drawingIt may help nothing or take us anywhereThe line must be drawn and hold on somewhere

The circus show may be over in limited hoursThe life too may come to an end in few yearsIt may have all sheds with the passage of timeWe may love or hate it as spent or neglected crime

Let us make it worthAs there is no dearthOne can succeed or failMust ensure that you stand fast and avail