How to Grow a Mexican Bird of Paradise That Has Endless Blooms and Head Turning Appeal

How to Grow a Mexican Bird of Paradise That Has Endless Blooms and Head Turning Appeal

All you need to know on the Mexican Bird of Paradise

Flowers are just one of the most beautiful gifts of nature. If you are one of those people who live a busy life, why not try to start appreciating nature more. Take the time to stop and plant a Mexican Bird of Paradise.

Watching this kind of plant in full bloom is amazing. The sparkling red and orange clusters create an awesome feeling that soothes your nerves. Once you have performed enough caring for the Mexican Bird of Paradise, you’ll be enchanted with its dancing crimson flowers along a plot of velvety green leaves.

Also known as the Pride of Barbados, Peacock Flower and Poinciana, the Mexican Bird of Paradise is very easy to grow and propagate. The shrubs can live in almost any kind of well-drained soil. All you need to do is to dig a space on your ground and plant your shrubs.

Remember to back fill the holes with compost or root mulching to avoid air pockets. Known as a summer flower, this kind of plant loves the sun so be sure to place it in an area where it can receive lots of sunlight. Plant the Mexican Bird of Paradise when the frost is over so you can be sure that it thrives easily on the ground.

During its early stage, the Paradise must be watered regularly. Once it has established itself on the soil, the Mexican Bird of Paradise can survive with little water. Always take the time to clean your plant by removing brown or dead woods and withered stalks.

Towards the end of January, cut your plants at least two feet from the ground. Never skip this tip as this will make your Bird of Paradise regain its strength and energy. Cutting during the said month is also essential if you want to re-grow your shrub. On the average, the bird of Paradise grows to a minimum of four feet and a maximum of ten feet.

Aside from its beauty, another magic of the Mexican Bird of Paradise is its wide usage as herbal medicine in the Amazon Rain forest. It is said that the juice extract from the leaves is the best remedy for fever while the flower’s juices is good for curing sores. Seeds are said to use when there’s a need to ease up bad coughs, breathing difficulties and chest pains.

To create a good aesthetic appeal, you can alternate the Mexican Bird of Paradise with the Yellow Bird of Paradise for that marvelous effect. The combination of red, yellow and orange flowers swaying with the gentle breeze is a breathtaking moment you should not miss. You can also plant the Mexican Bird of Paradise in groups or as boundaries to a plot of summer flowers.

The plant can grow alongside some flowering plants. Its perennial look will definitely stand out in a crowd of beautiful flowers. So, go ahead and make your summer garden more exquisite with Mexican Bird of Paradise!