Hosting a Three-Ring Circus Birthday Party!

Hosting a Three-Ring Circus Birthday Party!

The magic and fun of circuses surely brings out the kid in everyone! So, what better way to celebrate your kid’s birthday than a Circus-themed party right in your own backyard! Pile on the colorful decor, jovial ambiance and fun food to create a circus atmosphere at home! Here’s how…..

Send Out Some Cute Party Invitations!

Crafty and creative birthday invitations can build excitement as well as increase guests at your party. If ever you like to make the birthday party invites yourself, then there are several great ideas to help get things started. First is to create faces of clowns out of paper bags. Then write the party details at the back portion. You can add several pieces of candies to the envelopes before sending them.

Another great idea is to affix a card-style invitation into an animal crackers box or bag of circus peanuts. Hand them over to your guests afterwards. Or you can attach the card-style invitation into a large red nose and ask the guests to have the nose on at the party. Another alternative is to send the party invitations inside flattened popcorn bags.

Create A Fun Atmosphere With Party Decorations!Make a Circus Tentby using vibrant streamers to act as a canopy over the center of the party table. Make the streamers fall from a certain point in the middle (such as from the center of the chandelier or the ceiling) down and go into the sides of the room. You can also hang yellow, blue and red plastic table covers from the ceiling down over the walls of the party hall.

For your party tables, place yellow, blue and red table covers matched with centerpieces made from a bunch of your child’s stuffed animals. Also create some Admission Tickets to hand your guests when they arrive. Buy some admission ticket rolls or print out some copies on cardstock before you cut them out. Provide red clown noses and clown hats to guests as they arrive.

To create flying trapezes, string rope through empty paper towel tubes and hang them throughout the party space. You can then set one stuffed animal on each trapeze. Do not forget about balloons! Balloons will always be a hit with the kids, and they definitely heighten the environment! Attach some bunch of five helium balloons into balloon weights, then put them all over the party hall. Also tie balloons at the backs of the party chairs.

A circus party wouldn’t be complete if there is no clown around. So enlist an older child or adult to dress as one, and make some balloon animals for the children! Play some carnival music to add more circus atmosphere to the party scene!

Plan A Worthy Menu!

Circuses have all manner of treats. Have some cotton candies, caramel corns, candy apples, hot dogs and elephant ears. If you can rent or find a real cotton candy maker or popcorn machine, then better. Ask an adult or teenager to run the cotton candy maker or the popcorn machine.

Host A Fun Squad of Games!Host the Circus Lion Roaring Game —- a game that will make everyone a winner! Let each kid give his or her best roar, then come up with awards for the loudest, most real, saddest, funniest, squeakiest, etc. You can also have the Musical Circus Game, where you will use the concept of the classic game of musical chairs. Instead of chairs, have hats on a table for the kids to walk around while music is still playing. When the music stops, the kiddies must scramble to put on a hat. The child who won’t get a hat must exit the game. The game continues with one less hat until there is only one remaining.

Give Fun Party Favors!

Provide some fun thematic party favors to each party guest. You can give out inexpensive plush circus animals, plastic popcorn boxes, clown noses, popcorn ball, small candy assortment or a box of animal crackers.

A circus-themed party will definitely bring some full-blown fun for both boys and girls! With this party plan in mind, your child’s birthday party will definitely be a memorable one!