Have You Hugged An Elephant Today?

Have You Hugged An Elephant Today?

Today is Elephant Appreciation Day, a day to honor the largest land-dwelling mammals on Earth. Because elephants are so humongous, it seems perfectly fitting that the holiday be celebrated in a big, big way! Plus, if you’ve ever met an elephant, you probably have realized that they don’t have a peanut-sized brain. In fact, these mammals are extremely intelligent and have memories that can span across years. So, if you don’t remember to think about elephants at least once today, you may never be forgiven!

Dressing up in an elephant costume goes a long way in elephant appreciation. Often the only elephant costumes you’ll see are those of mascots for a handful of schools and colleges – such as the red elephant of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Of course, the Republican political party also uses an elephant mascot as well to symbolize strength and dignity. There is a herd of elephant characters found in children’s story books and movies that are beloved by young and old alike.

Perhaps one of the most famous fictional elephants is Babar, a young elephant who leaves the jungle to visit the big city and then returns with the newly discovered social graces learned on his adventure. So of course the elephant costume of Babar is that of a well-dressed gentleman of the early 20th century – that is until he becomes King of the Elephants and wears a red robe and bejeweled crown!

Dumbo is another make-believe elephant from the Disney animated classic of the same name. While taunted for his big, over-sized ears (big even for an elephant), Dumbo eventually figures out he can fly by flapping these audible appendages about! There are darling Dumbo costumes for little children that feature a grey jumpsuit with a red circus ruff collar and a pull-up hood that features the iconic jumbo-sized ears.

If you are creative, you can create an Elmer Halloween costume based on the storybook character who has a colorful body in a patchwork of yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green, black and white. This cheerful and optimistic elephant shows everyone it doesn’t matter what you look like, but who you are. So, suit up in any elephant costume you who love to trade places with on this massive mammal honoring day — your local elephants will remember the kind gesture.