Great Second Home Locations For Canadian Buyers

Great Second Home Locations For Canadian Buyers

Looking for access to a fantastic metropolitan area, but hoping to be situated in a picturesque location too? Maybe your ideal second home will be tucked along the edge of a flawless golf course? Perhaps you want to be near world-class shopping, major sporting venues, incredible culture, and delicious dining, but in a sunny and natural area too? Welcome to the metropolitan Phoenix area! Many Canadians have already selected the Phoenix, AZ real estate market as their ideal choice for a second home, and there are many reasons why you will want to as well.

Firstly, Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona homes are incredibly affordable, and for Canadians this works in two ways. Firstly, the fantastic exchange rate makes your dollars go farther than ever, and secondly, the dramatically low prices for Phoenix and Scottsdale real estate stretch a buyer’s dollars even more. There are many neighborhoods full of upscale homes on the market at well below their actual values. It is significant to note that there is even an active Phoenix and Scottsdale foreclosure market too.

This doesn’t mean that the region is full of empty stores and failing businesses, it simply reflects the recent changes in the national housing scenario. Interestingly enough, Phoenix and its environs have actually begun to lift out of this expansive housing slump already. In fact, the year 2007 saw the region’s home sales already beginning to climb – and this was long before the most difficult of market problems even occurred.

Why is it recovering? The region did not experience an influx of new residents until the 1980s. At this time it began to be attractive to big business and to large pools of retirees. This has led to a reasonable number of homes available at any time, and a constant stream of interested buyers too.

What if I am not retired, and don’t play tons of golf? This is a question asked by many Canadians when they are told to begin scouting around for Phoenix and Scottsdale homes for sale, and the answer is “you don’t have to enjoy golf at all”. Because this region has always been so appealing to retirees it has earned an inaccurate reputation as a place where leisure and recreation occur on the nearest greens. That is just not true!

There is a handful of Fortune 1000 companies located within the heart of the city, and because of this there are the many excellent shopping, dining, and recreational locations to accommodate the executives, employees, and their families. Consider too that many of the suburbs of the area consistently win spots on major “best” or “top ten” lists of places to live too.