Four Tips to Find Cheap Hotel Rates in Las Vegas

Four Tips to Find Cheap Hotel Rates in Las Vegas

It is true that Las Vegas is a place to some of the world’s most famous, luxurious and expensive suites. In fact, you can still get some very fine and affordable hotels that do not have to cost an arm and leg. You can find them if you know the tricks. Here are four tips how to find an affordable and comfortable accommodation in Las Vegas.

1. Consider to stay at a motel.

Motels are a lot cheaper and have far fewer amenities than typical Vegas accommodations. If you decide to travel by car, staying at a motel could be the best option. Because most of motels are located outside the city strip, so you need to travel by car. Staying at a motel doesn’t mean they are uncomfortable, many of them have clean rooms and accommodations. And it is better to find for motels that call themselves “Inns”.

2. Consider the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino

You can consider to stay at Circus Circus Hotel and Casino for a decently priced hotel. This is one of the cheapest five rates hotels in Las Vegas. Especially if you are bringing your family and children. This hotel offers a daily live circus and attractions in a Adventure dome right above the casino. Beside that, you can eat in a great steakhouse, practice sport in a great gym and large swimming pool.

3. Planning your trip during the week.

Most of hotels have a fluctuating rates, especially during the weekends. The rates become cheaper during the work days, start from Monday to Thursday. And don’t forget to check the city schedules to avoid for the convention event because the hotels will jack up their prices when there is a convention.

4. Find special deals on a regular basis.

Most Las Vegas hotels offer special discounts on a regular basis to attract more new visitors to their hotels. These special packages include room discounts of around 25 %, food discounts 15 % and special shows 10%. You can check the deals on the internet or hotels website.

Now, after knowing the tips, an unforgettable trip to Vegas is not just a dream anymore. Find your cheap hotel rates Las Vegas and book it in advance. Get your best rates and enjoy the vacation!