Four Reasons to Visit Bali (As If You Needed One!)

Four Reasons to Visit Bali (As If You Needed One!)

Bali, a small island in the Indonesian archipelago, is literally a tropical paradise, and as such, is popular with visitors. Most people don’t need an excuse to lounge on a white sand beach, but if the thought of visiting a true tropical paradise is not enough of a reason to visit Bali, here are four more reasons to check out this amazing island.

UNESCO Heritage. The traditional villages of Bali are so special that UNESCO has named three of them to its prestigious list of World Heritage Sites: Jatiluwih Rice Field Terraces; Taman Ayun, which is the island’s most well-known temple complex; and a series of eight temples that sit along the Pakersian River.

Jungle adventures. In Bali, you can literally swing from the trees and explore dense jungle, just like Indiana Jones! Though it is small, the island has a unique concoction of thick forests and white sand beaches, so adventurous travellers can pull their boots on and go trekking like Tarzan.

Superb spas. Bali’s spas are some of the most renowned in the world, for Balinese massage is both luxurious and relaxing. So, Bali has a plethora of spas to choose from, many of which are located inside luxury resorts, and some of which are attached to the island’s natural hot springs.

Tons of temples. Many of Bali’s temples are, surprisingly, Hindu. They are also listed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and most can be explored easily as tourist attractions. These temples are generally ruins of ancient sites of worship and offer a serene sense of spirituality and peace among their crumbling rock structures painted over by natural green grass.