Eat Your Way Around the World at Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Eat Your Way Around the World at Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Everyone dreams of travelling around the world, and sampling some of the most iconic, important culinary delights on offer. With Mont’ Kiara, one of Malaysia’s most prolific hub for international cuisine, residents can now enjoy the very opportunity to cruise along an eating tour of the world.

When it comes to Japanese food, Mont’ Kiara has one of the highest concentrations of Japanese restaurants to serve its large community of expats. Of special interest to food enthusiasts are outlets such as Tenji Japanese Buffet, with its premium buffet selections at competitive prices; and Akani Japanese Kitchen Bar, with its Oumi beef, izakaya pub style grub, and designer kaiseki menus.

Palate all fired up for more food adventures? Go Korean with eateries like Bon Ga Korean BBQ and Restoran Little Korea, and savour their huge selection of local specialties such as banchan (appetizers), beef bulgogi, Jap Chae (stir fried noodles with vegetables), Samgyeopsal Gui (grilled pork belly), Kim Chi Jeon (Kimchi pancake), etc.

Continuing along the Asian food trail, food lovers can tuck into a hot bowl of pho (quintessential Vietnamese noodle dish with herby beefy goodness) and exquisite spring rolls at Vietnamese restaurants like O’Ngon Restaurant and Pho Hoa. Thai food devotees can also get a taste of their tom yam, Thai green curry, pandan chicken, and Thai mango salad at joints such as Asian Terrace, and Chakri Palace.

Food hunters seeking a bite of Balinese paradise will find just that and more at Ole-Ole Bali; firing up their appetites with Indonesian and Balinese signature dishes such as Chicken Apokat, Sate Lilit, Cumi-Cumi Goreng (fried squid) served with Sambel Matah (Lemongrass sambal).

Heading off in search of more exotic fare, you will find it hard to resist the siren call of Dubrovnik, with its traditional European Mediterranean recipes from Spain, France, Greece, Italy and Croatia. Foodies will be privileged to sample unique Croatian fare such as chicken Peka and strukli (cheese dumplings).

Schokolart presents the ideal destination to cap off a magnificent food journey with a sweet conclusion. Food enthusiasts will be over the moon as they feast on handmade Swiss chocolate, desserts, and artistic chocolate-inspired creations such as lamb with chocolate sauce and chocolate marinated chicken satay.

With some of the world’s best food right at your doorstep, in the very cosy enclave of Mont’ Kiara, every week is a promise of food heaven and escapade. Living in Mont’ Kiara is truly paradise – You will luxuriate in the pleasures and true tastes of splendid cuisine, as you eat your way around the world!