Differentiated Lifestyles of Wealth

Differentiated Lifestyles of Wealth

Daydreaming about the life you deserve to live is so exciting but achieving the lifestyle of your dreams maybe a challenge. Let us explore the different lifestyles of wealth expressed in the following short stories about three couple’s vacation in the Bahamas. Examine the possibilities of enjoying a vacation free of financial stress.

The Canadian Couple

Some years ago, I met a middle aged couple in the Bahamas. They were from Canada and owned a home on Paradise Island, Bahamas. For those who have never visited the Bahamas, Paradise Island is an exclusive place to live and enjoy the comforts of five star hotels, water sports, international shopping, food, and entertainment. The island attracts people from all walks of life that vacation for a few days or weeks to months. There is an exclusive group of people who purchased vacation homes and reside on the island for up to three months or more annually. The Canadian couple is one of them. They purchased a lovely cottage that was in walking distance from the crystal white sands and turquoise beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. The three bedroom, two bath furnished home was decorated with imported wicker and had all the bells and whistles of wealth accented throughout the home. In the morning as the sun came up in the eastern horizon, I would see them strolling down the beach hand in hand talking about everything while taking in the colorful view of the sunrise displayed over the ocean sky. Wow what a view. Whenever I visited them, you would find my friends clad in bathing suits lounging poolside leisurely reading the newspaper sipping orange juice and champagne. I always wondered what they could be celebrating in the middle of the day. The sun would be beating down on their pale skin leaving a red imprint of permanent clothes behind. Sunglasses covered eyes and white smiles greeted me each visit. These people enjoyed life to the fullest from the fruits of their labor.

The Swedish Connection

I also had the pleasure of meeting a Swedish couple who vacationed in Abaco, Bahamas. This is the third largest island and does not have the trappings of the city life. Many vacationers, travel to Abaco by personal yachts and planes. Abaco has a number of settlements vacationers explore and the most popular is Marsh Harbor. This quaint small isle is a tourist attraction and is a relaxing haven for visitors. The Swedish couple would visit multiple times during the year to get away from the rat race of life. They celebrated the pleasures of life by over indulging in alcohol for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Swedish wife had a cigarette and alcohol addiction. She was always sick or too wasted to enjoy the beauty of the island. Her husband spent most of his time making excuses for his wife’s poor behaviors. This was embarrassing for the husband but was never addressed with his wife. The couple would invite their children to stay with them for weeks to months on the isle. If they were unable to travel, the Swedish couples invited friends to join them (all expense paid trip). They went island hopping, fishing, scuba diving, restaurant hoping and always searched for entertainment, which they found each day. Wow, what a life.

The Budget Couple

I had the unfortunate displeasure of meeting the Budget Couple. After 10 years of marriage and 15 years working for corporate America, they were able to save monies for a vacation in the Bahamas for one week. The couple spent the morning scheduling activities based on their budgets, they enjoyed free activities like swimming in the ocean, and leisure walks in the hotel and neighboring stores. The couple argued about splurging a few dollars to visit historic sites, eating out, and entertainment. This was not an enjoyable trip for the Budget couple due to the size of their wallet.

How did the Couples make a Living

The difference between the three couples was how they made a living. The Canadian couple owned a meat processing factory and a number of international real estate property. The Swedish couple was the owners of numerous timeshare lodgings in the United States, Caribbean, Canada, and Europe. The American couple owned a car note and home mortgage. They were slaves to their jobs which provided limited income.

The stories shared are just a window into exploring what business ownership can afford you. The lifestyle that you can live and evaluate the lifestyle you are living today. Which couple would you rather be? What are you doing to change your financial future? Share your story. I would like to hear from you.