Diabolo Games (Nose Rolling, High Speed Passing, Highest Throw, Etc)

Diabolo Games (Nose Rolling, High Speed Passing, Highest Throw, Etc)

If you can start up a diabolo and keep it spinning on the string, and especially if you can throw it really high and catch it again without too much difficulty, there are a whole range of fun diabolo games you can play with your friends. If you have even more advanced skills, then keep reading and you will see even more fun games to try!

Diabolo in a box: Players all stand at one end of a hall, and a box/basket is placed at the other end. Players attempt to throw their diabolo’s in the box (either taking it in turns or on an agreed signal). If no-one gets it in, then everyone tries again. At Juggling Conventions, we sometimes send a person into the middle of the room with a box on their head for us to aim into!

Diabolo in a box version 2: An alternate way to play this game is to start with a very large box or marked area that Diabolists have to land in, and everyone who gets it right on either one or a couple of attempts, goes throug to the next round which is a smaller box/area.!

Catch someone’s diabolo: In this game, you all stand in the centre of the hall and on a given signal, throw your diabolo up in the air. You then have to catch someone else’s diabolo! All those who catch someones diabolo, go through to the next round and the game is competed. People are disqualified if they throw a bad diabolo (one that is uncatchable).

Highest Throw: Everyone throws their diabolo at the same time, and then as long as they catch their (or someone else’s) diabolo, they stay in for the next round. When you get down to just 4 or 5 people left in the game, you can decide a winner based on who throws their diabolo the highest and still catches it.

Longest Throw to Partner: The diabolo that has been thrown the furthest distance and caught by a partner is the winner.

Longest Throw to Self! A much more fun version of the above game. You have to throw the furthest distance from the start point and catch the diabolo!

Diabolo nose rolling: All diabolo’s are placed on the ground in a line, and the winner is the person who can (only using their nose to push the diabolo) roll the diabolo over the finishing line! Diabolo’s will tend to start rolling across the pitch and it is great fun watching people banging into each other!

Catch a Colour: When the diabolo’s are all tossed in the air, the caller shouts out a colour and everyone has to try catching a diabolo of that colour. Those who do are through to the next round.

Balance handsticks (two people): This is an endurance balancing game which involves you and a partner balancing a diabolo handstick each on your chins (so you can see the string between them)! The pair that keep it balanced the longest are the winners!

High Speed Passing: During one minute, see how many passes you can make with a partner.

Skipping: Throw the diabolo and see how many times you can skip before successfully catching it. First round, everyone has to do one skip, then second round, two skips etc.

Longest Stick Grind: Time how long people can grind the diabolo on their stick.

Catch over partner: I played this at Nottingham One Day Convention in 2009 for the first time (and won!) Partners stand facing each other. The person with the diabolo has to throw it up in the air and catch it behind their partners back (so you are almost hugging your partner!) The successful people get to repeat this attempt but farther apart from each other!

Infinite Suicide Endurance: If you have to ask what this trick is, then the game isn’t for you! You may have lots of technical diabolists who want a difficult competition, so this is the answer! If the participants are too good, then you can get them to stand on one leg, hop, walk around the room, turn 360 degrees in both directions etc until there is one winner!

Unwrap: The diabolists nightmare is to have to untangle lots of diabolo’s from their handsticks at the end of a workshop! For this event, several diabolo’s are tangled in exactly the same way for each competitor, and the winner is the first to skilfully remove the diabolo from the tangled strings!