Circus Circus Hotel Resort and Casino (a Cheap Hotel): What You Must Know Before You Book

Circus Circus Hotel Resort and Casino (a Cheap Hotel): What You Must Know Before You Book

If you are on a budget or wish to stay in Sin City a long time (thus saving money each night), you are probably going to consider this place on the Strip, and definitively if you are visiting with your family. But, whether you book here or not will depend on your priorities.

Rate: the rate varies from 18 dollars upwards, with a low resort fee and free gym. You can book directly on their website or use the best sites (the ones dedicated to finding deals in this city).

Rooms: they extremely plain and basic, but recently we found the rooms to be very clean. The mattresses were all new but of the cheapest kind, so if you suffer from a bad back you simply cannot stay here. The remodelled rooms are certainly better, on a par with the Excalibur remodelled room, but we are still talking basic and cheap, though at least cleaner than Excalibur (in terms of rooms and corridors outside the rooms).

Security: one of the best, surprisingly. If you call security here for any reason, from inappropriate smoking to noise to illegal activities, they come fast and they are efficient. Unlike other cheap options such as Gold Coast or even Excalibur (where they treat you as an inconvenience if you have any problems rather than assisting you with your problem), here security is taken seriously. Perhaps because they do have families with children in large number.

Service: basic but better than any other cheap Strip options, in that they actually listen to you.

Food choices: basic, fast-food with at least some healthier choices (decently cooked and prepared vegetables, for example, but nothing to worth mentioning); its buffet is trying to improve and it’s certainly better than the Excalibur buffet (which is now one of the worst in our opinion), as well as one of the cheapest.

Pool: small and basic. You feel as if you are just off a car-park. No vegetation, just a basic pool area.

Gym: key-operated, it’s an exercise room rather than a gym. But, they have it and it’s free.

Casino: rather sad, really, and very smoke-filled (poor ventilation). Not the most vibrant and you’ll be playing here out of boredom rather than out of excitement. In this respect, the Excalibur casino is much more vibrant (but of course it’s also a lot larger and a lot noisier, equally filled with smoke).

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