5 Simple Tips On How To Landscape Your Garden

5 Simple Tips On How To Landscape Your Garden

In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “Landscaping is a fine art”. And just like other arts, it is done through meticulous planning and passion. But let’s not get carried away, anyone who has the time and interest can landscape their own garden. For those of you who fit that description, I am here to simplify the process and offer you 5 simple tips on how to landscape your garden.

Before we get started on the actual process, let us first understand the principles of landscaping. I believe that it is significant to know and understand these principles especially if you don’t have any ideas on landscaping. The first principle is unity, this is basically having the different elements of the landscape fit together to create a whole. You will be incorporating different elements such as plants and knowing how to mix and match these will be beneficial in making your garden beautiful. Next, you have to keep things simple. Simplicity can be done through minimalism which is not over designing your garden with different colors and textures. Lastly, balance the design of your garden. You have to have that sense of equality when landscaping your garden. There are other principles to take note of but these are the basic principles that will serve as your foundation.

Now that you are aware of the different principles in landscaping, you can now start planning for your garden. A lot of professionals would say that a great landscape is the result of planning and vision. I’m sure majority of those who have tried landscaping believe in this which is why the planning stage is very important. You can start planning by identifying your resources. Know what is available to you and what are the tools lacking. Then you should measure the space in which you will be landscaping. Part of planning is being resourceful, this is done by looking at different styles and designs of existing gardens through magazines, the internet, and the like. Being resourceful is making use of what you already have, whether it’s incorporating existing garden planters or making use of your favourite bamboo fountains, it doesn’t have to be new as long as it suits the design of your garden. By compiling different landscaping designs, you can choose what you like best and modify it. Take time in doing this and you will know how to landscape your garden properly.

At this stage, you should have a plan of what the design of your garden will look like. The next step is to choose the right plants for your garden. This is one of the most important things you have to keep in mind because this is what will separate your garden from the rest. In choosing the right plants you have to be aware of their growth habits and characteristics. It is also important to take note of where you will be setting up your garden because as seasons change so does your plants. Once you choose the right plants your garden will come to life and it will give you a sense of accomplishment.

The next tip I will be giving to you is all about the execution of the master plan. This is all about how you will carry out the plan that you have made and implement your desired landscape design. You can start by drawing or making a visual representation of your design. It is from here that you can decide where to put elements in a certain area which will make your garden looked balanced. This stage is based on your initial plan and you just have to follow it.

Now that you have accomplished your goal of landscaping your own garden, you can harvest the fruits of your labor and admire your creation. One last tip that I would like to give is to include long term maintenance in your landscaping. What I mean by that is to adapt as seasons change and to know how your plants will react to that. These are the 5 simple tips on how to landscape your garden, after reading this you will be more confident with designing your garden without hiring others to do the work for you. This will ensure that everything in your garden is up to your standards and be your own masterpiece.