5 Reasons You Should Use LinkedIn Groups for Business Social Networking

5 Reasons You Should Use LinkedIn Groups for Business Social Networking

Today, social media networks allow business professionals to network like they never have before. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter allow business professionals to connect with people within their industry from all over the world. Social networking sites not only allow professionals to expand their contacts faster than ever before, but it also lets them share news, tips and tools of the trade in seconds.

LinkedIn currently has over 75 million professionals who are actively participating on the site today. The site includes many features such as allowing users to upload their full resume, updating their status to let the world know what projects they are currently working on and participating in group discussions. Many LinkedIn users take advantage of these features, but there are still some that aren’t sure how to make the most out of them.

LinkedIn groups are a great way to interact with other professionals in your field by sharing information and building contacts in other parts of the world. Although joining many groups can make you look more important and connected, it can also be overwhelming to maintain. Aren’t sure how to use LinkedIn groups?

Here are 5 tips for getting the most out of groups, provided by the LinkedIn blog.

1. Make a commitment to a few groups that focus on your greatest professional interests. LinkedIn allows business professionals to network and collaborate with others that they may have never spoken to otherwise. If you haven’t joined any groups yet, pick a couple that spark your professional interest and jump right into the conversation. According to LinkedIn, many of the most active members find that their participation in the right groups “directly enriches what they do at work.”

2. Post news on group discussions. One of the easiest ways to start participating in groups is to post current news and ask an open-ended question. This will start a conversation and you will be able to see what stance your fellow professionals take on the issue. Expressing your opinion on a certain news piece will give you a chance to show others your professional expertise. This will boost your credibility and increase your chances of making useful professional connections. To find material, subscribe to industry-related newsletters, RSS feeds, Facebook feeds, company blog or Twitter.

3. Take advantage of the “Following” tool. Groups make social networking online easy by giving professionals a great way to keep track of which news stories their colleagues think are interesting and what they have on their minds. To keep up with all the current information, subscribe to the digest emails that summarize the activity of a group. Also use the “Following” tool to watch specific discussions that interest you. This will allow you to sit back and observe then jump in the conversation when you feel you have something provocative to contribute.

4. Get your coworkers involved. Why not create your own LinkedIn group and invite some of your trusted coworkers, clients and/or customers to join? You already discuss your professional interests with them which make them the perfect people to collaborate and network with on LinkedIn. Once other professionals see the intelligent discussions you are having, they’ll want to join the group too and you’ll be able to engage in a broader collaboration than you ever felt possible.

5. Learn more about the professionals on LinkedIn. Make sure to click through the profiles of your fellow group members to spark conversations about what they’re currently working on. As your relationship and conversation grows, you can invite them to become a professional connection. The more connections you make, the more chances you have to expand your business and learn from others in your industry.

LinkedIn groups are a powerful way to reach out to others in your field, get noticed and improve and grow your professional network. Groups also allow you to discuss important issues with others and collaborate with other professionals. Best of all, they are completely free to join, which means you can start online networking with LinkedIn groups today.