5 Benefits of Recycled Rubber Flooring For Playground

5 Benefits of Recycled Rubber Flooring For Playground

Rubber flooring material is an excellent choice for children’s playground surfaces. It has many advantages over other popular ground surface choices. Landscape designers, professional playground owners and parents are impressed with rubber flooring’s extremely safe, impact-resistant properties. Playground rubber flooring offers many benefits that should not be ignored.


Rubber flooring is impact-resistant and slip-resistant. The rubber is designed to be flexible and springy. This allows it to act as a cushion against impacts and reducing the risk of serious injuries when children fall from play structures. The slip resistant texture is necessary in areas of that receive a lot of precipitation or in areas around fountains. The slip resistant surface helps kids to not slide on a slick surface


Kids love bright colors. Businesses love branding their products. Rubber floor mats are available in a wide range of colors, styles and thicknesses. Available in rolls or as interlocking mats, rubber flooring can be customized in bright colors, with logos and other designs. Combining these designs and colors creates an inviting space children will enjoy playing on.


The sound absorbency of rubber flooring reduces the problem of noise. Rubber absorbs the sounds rather than reflecting it. In highly populated areas where people are sleeping or working during the day, reducing the sounds of kids at play is necessary. The sound of noisy kids playing isn’t completely eliminated but it is reduced greatly.


Rubber playground mats are stain resistant and repel dirt well. It is easily maintained with a little routine care. Sweeping the surface of debris with a broom should be done regularly. The rubber mats can be cleaned with mild soap and water.


Rubber playground mats are extremely durable, UV resistant and frost-proof. They are long lasting, standing up to many years of abuse and play. It is not easily damaged, maintaining its shape no matter how tough kids are on it. Their durability makes them a smart financial choice as well since they will not need to be replaced often.

Rubber Playground Mats Offer Cushioned Comfort

The surface under the swings and slide need to be cushioned. There are many options available for surface material. Wood mulch, rubber mulch, sand, grass and rubber flooring mats.

Proper surface material is key to preventing injuries, especially serious ones, in any outdoor play design. Surface materials should cushion and absorb some of a falls impact. Safety officials recommend surfaces that provide some give. Rubber mats and mulch are a popular choice. With its cushion like surface, rubber products are comfortable to walk on while reducing risks of injuries from falls.

Playgrounds see a lot of activity. The surface materials need to hold up to lots of wear, be easy to maintain and cost-effective. Rubber playground mats are made from recycled rubber tires and other rubber products, making them less expensive in the long term.

The rubber tiles come in a variety of colors and thicknesses to provide just the right amount of cushioning.

With its many benefits, playground rubber floor mats are quickly becoming a popular choice in ground surface coverings in play areas. When researching for your rubber flooring options, find a specialist who can give you detailed information. Your dealer should be able to inform you about all his products, the advantages, the warranty and any installation needs.