4 Easy Seasickness Relief Tips

4 Easy Seasickness Relief Tips

Summer’s finally here and what better way to make the most of this sunny vacation season than to spend it on a lush tropical island paradise with your family and friends. Probably do some sun-loving on a deserted Caribbean island beach with soft white sand, or cruise around the islands with a luxurious powerboat, and go snorkeling in some of the many reefs while you’re at it. But then there is seasickness who’s waiting for every inch of opportunity to spoil your fun.

Seasickness happens when the equilibrium sensors located in the ears receive conflicting signals from the environment. In other words, when sea’s buoyancy is rocking away your boat and all you’re seeing is the four corners of the powerboat’s under deck, your brain gets confused. When it does, it sends an alarm signal that messes up the body’s digestion process. Thus, the nausea, vertigo, and of course, the vomiting.

If you’re worried about your seasickness ruining your summer holiday, don’t. Here are 4 easy ways to get rid of this killjoy.

Prevention is always better than cure. If seasickness is an annoying old friend, you can arrest its visit by not inviting it over in the first place. Eat light before sea trips, an empty or a full one, boosts your chances of getting seasick. Also, motion sickness is on exhaustion’s speed dial. Getting a good amount of rest the night prior to traveling lessens its probability of joining you in your trip.

Alcohol and coffee are two of the known accomplices of seasickness, best avoid them before and after your seatrip.

Get your senses and surroundings in harmony. When the eyes seeing differently to what the ears are hearing and what the body is feeling, the brain gets excited — a confused excitement. You may want to stay away from the under-deck or have your eyes locked at your iPad or even a book. Fix your gaze at the horizon in front to get all your senses in synch. Here’s a protip, don’t look backwards.

Always take quick seasickness relief with you. By simply staying hydrated, you can reduce motion sickness significantly. Always carry along your mineral water bottle or a sports drink. Other seasickness relief you may want to take along are acupressure bands and ginger. They help prevent motion sickness and remedies nausea, respectively.

Don’t forget your meds. Dramamine is an effective over the counter medication to help ease seasickness. The downside of it though is that it makes your drowsy. A patch version of it is worn behind the ear to arrest the triggers for seasickness, however, this little guy is available only by prescription.

Here’s a bonus. Take your mind off your being sensitive to traveling at sea, thinking constantly about it is like sending motion sickness an RSVP invite. Also, it also wouldn’t hurt to do simple deep breathing exercises, which are very effective in calming the body and mind.

With your seasickness troubles in check, there is nothing standing on your way between you and one of the best summer vacation of your life.